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I want to start a new category for my posts called Curious Trisha. This is meant for all the questions I have for the world that I'm curious about; totally random and may be weird at times but we all know, everyone wonders. Hopefully I can get some insight from you all! Lets kick this off with WHY DO WISDOM TEETH EXIST?

I never understood why we have wisdom teeth. They are there just to be taken out? To cause you pain and inability to eat solid food for a week? I get that some people can actually keep their wisdom teeth intact, good for them but for those of us that have had braces to correct their teeth, not so cool. Wisdom teeth can mess up the alignment of your teeth. Hense, why it is better to have them taking out earlier rather than later. According to this website, says wisdom teeth may cause diseases. Uh... what? Teeth that may cause diseases and aren't necessary? Then why do we get them?!

Another thing I don't get is why they are called "wisdom teeth". Some say it's because the teeth appear around the time of wisdom. So if we remove them, do we lose wisdom? Once we have the teeth out, do we keep them so we can keep our wisdom?! Whoever gave the name "wisdom teeth" should have thought of something else because now people are going to think they lose wisdom...maybe. Annoying, unnecessary tooth may have been more accurate.

Once they are out, you are left with empty holes in your mouth. There is so much to do to take care of it also. Such a hassle! Your swollen and in pain and can't eat. Who would have thought these little teeth could be so much. Oh and the fact that they call the extraction "surgery" is not delighting either.

For those who have had their wisdom teeth taken out, what are your thoughts? Or who have this same questions as I do, what's your take on this? Share your thoughts in the comment box below :)

"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has it's own reason for existing" - Albert Einstein

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