Live Taping

Hey hey, let's start off this week with something fun! I was recently at a live audience taping for the show, Chelsea Lately. The dress code was "casual formal". I was originally going to wear a dress but changed my mind last minute because it felt too fancy. So I thought a nice top and jeans with some heels would work and I would have an outfit for the night too. :)

If you know me, you would know I usually like neutral colors. So this blue is pretty bold for me. I'm trying to get into more colors and brighter colors since I already own a lot of black, white and gray. For the "formal" side of the outfit, I went with a sheer collar top. The collar/button up looked better than just a t-shirt. With this shirt I usually dress it up because it does look fancier than just casual due to the material, collar and button detail. Lets just say, I definitely was brighter than most with this shirt and color but I love the color! Although Chelsea wasn't there, Dax Shepard guest hosted and Chris Franjola, Jen Kirkman and Ross Mathews were on the round table. It was actually pretty funny. I was just excited to see Ross Mathews there! Fashion Wiz! If any of you saw that episode, you probably saw me in the front row!

My jeans look black but they are a dark denim. It was a long wait to get into the taping and we were standing outside for a good couple hours in high 80 degree weather. During that wait, I was wishing I had shorts or something... and more comfortable shoes. The things we girls do for fashion. You will probably see these jeans (Joes) a lot, they are my favorite pair of skinnys. I went with jeans because it felt more casual and I knew it was going to be cooler during the night.

This pair of black heel booties is new to me. So I didn't have time to break them in. It's black leather material, laces up with a platform. Let me tell you... it got to the point where I was about to take off my shoes and run around bare foot. Standing and waiting around for hours didn't go well. I rocked back and forth on the heels, shifting my weight constantly to try to keep the pain away. Fortunately I brought extra shoes to change into. Unfortunately I left those in the car. It felt so nice taking off those shoes after the show! Aside from the rough comfort, these shoes go with a lot of my outfits. A big reason why I got them was because they are versatile and so so cute! Not that I would wear them everyday, but they would be fun occasionally.

And here is my friend and I after the show with Chuy! Our goal was to meet some celebrities... so I guess he counts right?!

xo & couture,


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