Magnetic Nails

Hey everyone! I want to share my first try with magnetic nail polish with you all! Late last night, my friend and I were hanging out and she mentioned she got this magnetic nail polish and she hasn't tried it yet. I've seen it before but never got a chance to try it. I just had my nails done so I wasn't going to do mine so she did her hand first. It was a trial and error thing. The bottle had instructions but who reads those anymore? Anyway, it took a few tries but it looked cool after! I caved in and removed my nail polish to try this super cool nail polish in Graphite Gravity. Here, I'll give my review and my how-to.

The top photo is the finish product. Excuse the messy fingers, it was late and I wasn't expecting to repaint my nails. I'll start with the how-to.

Step 1) Paint one base coat on every finger. Just do one hand at a time. The first coat can be a thin layer

Step 2) Paint a second coat on one finger

Step 3) Immediately use this magnet, that is attached to the top lid of the polish and place it gently on top of your cuticle. It should rest right above your nail. Try your best not to touch the nail for it will smudge and pick up the polish

Step 4) Keep magnet there for 15 seconds, shifting it left and right to make sure it covers the whole nail

Step 5) Take the magnet off and your nail should look like this

Step 6) Add top coat if you want

My review: Slight wave, almost looks holographic. On the pictures online, it looks like a lot of waves. When I did this, I got one or two. When the polish was still fresh, it looked really cool. As it dried, the effect looked like it was starting to fade. If you want a glossy look, add a top coat and that should do the trick. The polish went on fairly easy. Not clumpy or too thick. Sally Hansen is usually good about that. I think everyone is on this hype because it's a new thing. I'm sure this will pass though.

It's a fun nail polish once in a while but not weekly. It's definitely loud and busy. It comes in different colors so you could always tone it down too. Oh and if you mess up or happen to run the magnet through the polish, you can just paint another layer on top and redo the magnet. My friend was saying this would be a nice color for maybe one nail. You know, the new craze lately where you paint all your nails the same color except for one. This would be that one. I'm not sure how long this will stay on but it seems to be holding out pretty well! You can find it at most drug stores like Walgreens for $6.99-$8.99. I want to try the blue next!

xo & couture,


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