Neutrals and Nature

One with the nature I guess! I mean we all go hiking in our Tory Burch Reva Ballet Flats right? Again, another hot Summer day but I think it should be cooling off soon. Stores are already getting Fall collections in. Soon we will be breaking out the jeans, boots and sweaters. For now, lets enjoy the sun, shorts and tanks.

I went for a neutral color scheme today. Black top with tan shorts and black flats; accessorized with silver. Each item has a unique detail about it like the shorts. I normally don't wear tan/sand colored clothes because it blends with my skin tone too much but I really like these shorts. It is satan underneath with a lace overlay. The lace doesn't move weird either so it keeps a clean look. Sometimes when pants or shorts don't have pockets, it's annoying because I don't have somewhere to put my phone or misc. items but when it looks sleeker without pockets, like these shorts, then I don't really mind. Another thing I like about these shorts is that there are different types of lace mixed together! It gives a nice textured look to it.

The front of this shirt is just plain. Almost looks like a plain t-shirt but when you look at the back, there are these cute cut outs! I like that the cut outs go from big to small, creating a triangular shape. With shirts like this, I like to put my hair up or to the side. The material of this shirt is a rayon blend so it's stiff. I thought the dark color complimented the light tan shorts. This outfit seems a little dressed up but I would wear this on a casual day, as I did. You can find this similar shirt here at Forever 21.

I kept my accessories simple. Silver bow necklace, triangle earring with cuff and a dove cuff. Just a little pop of accessory, nothing fancy.    The outfit had a lot of detail already, I didn't want to over do it with accessories.

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Thank you to everyone for their support! I'm glad to have the chance to share this adventure with you all.

xo & couture,


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