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So since this week we were on the topic of finding good deals, this post will follow in that trend (and probably the next post too ). Now some people think thrift stores are gross and dirty and weird but you would be surprised as to what you can find. Brand names, cute style, good price! Thrift stores are a great way to be eco friendly and up-cycle clothes also, I could sit here all day and give you pros about thrift stores but that list would go on and on so lets cut to the chase.

In this, everything I am wearing is thrifted. Lets start with the blazer by Victoria Secret Body. This is probably one of my most favorite finds because of the price and the fact that I need a black blazer. I was looking for one for a long time but it was hard to find one that was the right length and fit and reasonably priced. Oh and I like the strips on the inside when you cuff the arms!  When I found this, I was in disbelief. Black blazer, my size, under $10... IS THIS REAL LIFE? It was no question, I needed to get it and it has come in handy ever since!

On to the shirt; sheer material (that's what caught my eye), floral pattern, and 3/4 length sleeve. This shirt is by Xhilaration. I really like the length of the sleeves. It makes working and moving easier. It has a little lace and button detail. Its very proper looking so I like to dress it up usually.

Jeans! Jeans are so expensive lately. It's just denim! This is a skinny pair of Joe's Jeans. It's a really dark denim with dark stitching. These were pricer than what I would normally pay for a pair of thrifted jeans but I wanted a new pair of skinnys and my other Joe's happened to rip a few weeks before. So I said why not? I love the fit of these and they don't stretch out like other jeans! They were really long so I hemmed them but it looks good with flats or heels!

OMG SHOES? Yes. Neutral colored heels are so versatile. These were a great deal also! $10.50 and they were also half off so I ended up only paying about $7! From Forever 21, these were brand new. Still had the tag and string holding them together. I haven't had a chance to actually wear them out yet but I know these will be useful for something later on!

xo & couture,


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