Tie Dye Twist

Excuse my poor edit on this picture, I had to put this together quickly but you get the idea. Can you guess which is the original picture? ;) Anyways, today was such a nice day! Summer in California has been good weather. Not too hot but not too cold either. There was a few blazing days but can't avoid that.

I've been seeing a lot of different kinds of shorts this summer, particularly colored and tie dye shorts. Here is my OOTD. My shorts are a black and white tie dye but since the colors mix together, there are shades of gray in there. Great neutral colors to pair with any color. Today, I opted for a black open back top but added a little detail with a string floral bandeau. I love the pocket detail and the distressed look.

This would make a really good DIY project. Seems simple enough right? Shorts and dye. White shorts would probably work best with fabric dye, whatever colors you want. Maybe I'll try this sometime. Like tie dying a shirt... or this maybe hard than it sounds.

xo & couture


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