Fall Essentials 2012

Fall 2012

Polyvore is such a cool site! I've seen it before but haven't tried it until now and it's so easy! Here is my first Polyvore: Fall Essentials 2012. It's officially fall now, time to put away the shorts and tanks and bring out the boots, coats and scarves.

My favorite fall items are scarves and boots. I even wore these during the summer a few times like in this outfit from my past post

I love all types of scarves. Thick scarves like this one  from Urban Outfitters is great for outdoors. I find that these are the warmest. Whenever I'm in the city, I bring a thick scarf because it's always so cold! If you're crafty, these are easy to make. Infinity wool scarves are huge but will keep you so warm! Come winter, these will be really helpful too.

Thin scarves are awesome as well. Take this one from J. Crew. The print is so pretty. It would look good with solid sweaters or long sleeve tees. This is a light material so it won't be as warm as a wool scarf but will be a great accessory. Thin scarves can be tied in so many different ways! I'm always on the look out on how to style scarves differently. My go-to style is just wrapped and draped on each side, like in the photo above. It's simple and cute.

Boots in any style are great for fall. Tall boots will be warm and comfortable. Brown and black boots are basic neutral colors for boots. They match many things easily and most boots only come in black or/and brown anyways. Try adding some high socks with boots. Just a little detail can make an outfit :)

Now is the perfect time to stock up on sweaters, coats and warmer pants such as corduroys. Stores have gotten in fall and even holiday merchandise already! If you go on a good weekend, maybe there will be promotions or sales!

Happy Friday everyone! Have an amazing weekend!

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