Fashion Week 2012

As Fashion Week is coming to a close, I would like to share my favorite looks from the runway. It's crazy how designers already predict trends for Spring 2013. I'm sadden that I couldn't attend Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, but with the new technology of our day, I can see it all on the internet! All the collections were great. I watched almost all of them and picked out a couple of my favorite looks from each designer.

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Rebecca Minkoff

I love how simple her collection is. It all looks like stuff you can quickly throw on and be out the door. A trend I noticed was prints! Mostly floral prints, which is a given since it is Spring 2013 stuff. I like this print because it mixes floral and tribal print, similar to the dress I wore in this post.

Diane Von Furstenberg

One thing I noticed about DVF's collection was the femininity of all the clothes. She really knows how to design for the everyday woman. I also noticed she, as well as a few other designers, brought back the neon colors. I thought neon was going to be done after Summer but it seems it will continue to next Spring! I love the cut of the dress on right and the color blocking on the outfit to the left. I just did a color blocking post here and am super excited to see more of that in the Spring.

Jason Wu

Jason's collection started out with black and white outfits. When you think Spring, usually color comes to mind but his floral prints made up for it in this case. I love the tight crop top with the high waisted shorts. It gives the body a lot of length. He incorporated a belt suspender with multiple looks and I thought that was really cleaver! The mix of leather and sheer are perfect for Spring!

Vera Wang

Her attention to detail is amazing. Vera Wang is known for her wedding dresses so it's not surprising to see her ready-to-wear line is just as great. Her collection still has a little wedding dress feel to it. Like this blue dress on the right, the lace overlay reminds me of the lace overlay on her wedding dresses like this one. I like that she made the lay longer than the dress underneath. The beading detail on the dress is so intricate! When beaded all together, it creates a beautiful design.

Monique Lhuillier

My second favorite runway show! This collection is inspired from water. I love the movement of her prints. Sticks to her theme without being literal. The structure on both these looks would complement any woman. With both, I feel that it can be dressed up or down. I love the matching jacket and shorts!

Zac Posen

Last but not least, Zac Posen! My favorite of them all. Posen designs marvelous gowns for red carpet events. Christina Ricci, Emma Roberts and Reese Witherspoon  have all been seen in Posen designs. Even in a top, he adds a ball gown look. The last two dresses could almost pass for wedding gowns! I love the layering on the bottom right dress. His color palette was very simple as well as his prints. Just an absolutely brilliant collection.

What were some of your favorites from Fashion Week? I envy those who got to see all of this live. One day, I will be there.

Until next year, NYFW.



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