The last of Fashion Week 2013

These designer's didn't have their collections out before my last post so here is part 2 of the end of New York Fashion Week! Again, I picked out some of my favorites from each designer. I can already predict some trends for Spring 2013!

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Anna Sui

First, I love the colored hair. It reminds me of the dip dye trend this Summer. This website has cool how-to's and pictures of dip dye hair. Her collection has so much detail and texture. The texture comes from the use of different fabrics. Every time I see clothes with textured fabric or fur, I feel like I have to touch it. Anyone else get that way? Like on a fur vest or ruffled shirt, the fabric just pops and you have to just feel it. The light blue top has that vibe. It's nice to see the sweetheart cut coming back.


OH MY GOSH. What a collection. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out! Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig have done it again. I've always loved their dress, which can be seen on A-list celebrities. The collection was very cohesive with the use of this vintage floral leaf design. It looks to be embroidered on the dresses. I love the look of the first one. The thin layer of mesh with the design over a white pant and top really makes the detail stand out.
Here's the show!

Proenza Schouler

One trend I saw throughout this show was the use of shapes in their designs. All the prints look like a shape and by patching the different colored fabrics together, creates square designs. Another thing I noticed was high neck lines/collar lines. It gives a very modest and prim look for Spring. A lot of the same colors and prints used in different styles.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors never fails to impress. Being based in New York and known as an iconic NY designer, everyone knew he was going to put on a good show and indeed it was. He always has great ready-to-wear collections. The color theme was consistant with green, red, yellow and of course, black, white and gold. The two maxi dresses are my favorite. The cut outs are so chic!



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