Tribal Craze

For a while now, I've been seeing tribal print everywhere! It comes in so many styles like this romper from, this dress from Urban Outfitters and this one shoulder tank from Foreign Exchange. I've seen big prints, small prints, prints of color and prints of neutrals. Lately I've been really attracted to tribal print shoes like these Steven Madden oxfords. I walked into Forever 21 the other day and there was a whole section of just tribal prints. In the beginning of Spring, I thought it would fade out by Summer but it looks like it may carry onto fall!

This just fits the tribal trend. Although it is a simple black and white, the print is loud and the shape of the dress unique. I like that the print continues in a horizontal streak. It doesn't have random prints all around, which I find that one some shirts, will make you look bigger because of the disbursement. This fit so well also! The top layer is sheer, beneath it is rayon and cotton blend. Comfortable but thin. 

The back is my favorite part of the dress. This particular day was really hot so I thought this dress was perfect for it. The back is a spagetti strap that connects to a bandeau-looking strap and then cuts out low and that becomes the bottom of the dress. It's an easy dress to dress up or dress down. The front fits nicely as well. The top is a sweetheart cut, not too high, not too low. It tightens at the rib area and flows out to give it more structure. This is what I wore in the day and later at night, I threw a jean jacket on and went out with friends. I pair the dress with another neutral item, tan wedges. Having muted shoes allowed the print on the dress to pop. 

When working with print, I try to accessorize with a small amount of jewelry. I added a silver cuff and studded earrings. I used a single cuff that has a little bird detail on the front. That way the cuff stands out but also blends with my outfit. Don't be scared to try prints and colors! I know this Summer, bright colors and tribal prints were popular, jump on that wagon while it is still here and be bold!

xo & couture, 


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