Work Hard. Play Hard.

Greetings all! It is finally Friday! After a long week of work, I'm sure everyone's thinking about the weekend already! It's been a busy week, working on tons of upcoming new things for my blog. Be sure to stay posted!

Some things that are super fun about my job are dressing and styling mannequins. I also like the merchandising aspect of it but the mannequins are the best part. We recently got new soft-form mannequins that are completely new to us. Before, we've always used polystyrene mannequins like these. Now we use both! I had the liberty of being the first person to dress the new mannequins. This also meant unpacking them from the boxes and assembling. It was pretty easy, just took a while. Once I got them assembled, I pulled all the clothes that needed to be on the mannequins, steamed them and started dressing. Here are some pictures!

Before. Completely assembled and ready to go! 6 pack, wolfpack. Don't worry about the legs, the pants just sit at the waist!

After! All dressed and styled, ready for display!

Hanging out with my new friend!

Have a good weekend everyone! Remember, stay tuned for new, exciting stuff next week!

xo & couture,


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