Disney in Real Life

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Can you guess what this post is going to be about? Yep, following the theme of costumes and Halloween, I am showing you how my friend and I played dress up. What better than to use Disney as the inspiration? This photo shoot was put together in a short period so we only got to do 4 characters but I think they turned out great! For costumes, we just used our modern day clothes that we already had, like in my previous post. Then we accessorized them to match the characters and used props. We found a really cool location with great scenery, perfect for this theme.
Figure out what this is yet? Belle from Beauty and the Beast! Of course, I don't have her almond colored hair but I do have this yellow dress like hers! The dress has two layers of material, rayon on the bottom and sheer on top. I love the double layering. It gives it a really cute look. I paired it with matching yellow wedges. I've had these wedges for a while and only wore them a few times before this shoot and they actually came in handy for this outfit! Belle is known for holding one long stem rose. For props, we used roses and petals. 
Alright followers, meet my friend Melanie! For her, she is portraying Cinderella. This scene is when she is leaving the ball and drops her shoe on the step. They may not be a glass slippers but they are Christian Louboutin's! The blue dress is the same as the Belle dress, just a different color. In the second picture, we tried to make it seem like she was running down the stairs which is why it isn't as focused as it should be. But you guys get it!
Melanie again here as Alice from Alice in Wonderland. She is wearing a blue and gray dress. We couldn't find a white apron like Alice's but we figured the dress was close enough. However, Melanie had a colorful cup to act as her teacup. We found this gazebo area that looked very whimsical, fitting for Alice in Wonderland. Along with the dress, she paired the dress with simple black heels. She's adorable isn't she? 
Last but not least, Snow White! Bet you can't tell that the yellow skirt is actually the dress from the Belle shoot! I folded and tucked the top of the dress down and put a blue ruffled tank top over it. I tucked in the bottom of the shirt and put a gold belt over it to cover the tuck. Again, just paired it with black heels. I know Snow White wears red heels so in the second picture, I turned my foot out so you could see the little pop of red on the back of the shoe. For the prop, we used an apple like the one in the movie!

This was such a fun shoot and I'm glad my friend asked me to do it with her! We always have a good time with photo shoots and videos, all of which as just for fun and laughs. We have plans for something else soon and I can't wait to share that with you all! 

On another note, congrats to the San Francisco Giants on winning the World Series! There is so much love in the Bay Area right now! Get crazy at the parade and celebrate a great win! Don't stop believing. Ever. 
To those on the east coast, please stay safe! Sending good thoughts your way!

Have a fun and safe Halloween everyone! 


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