Essie Nail Polish Review

Essie "Soul Mate"

If you follow me on instagram (@leshautecouture), you saw that I got a new nail polish by Essie about two weeks ago. Today, I am going to do a review on it because I'm going to be changing my nail polish later today! Oops, yes it's been two weeks and the polish looks awful now but I haven't had the time to change it, plus I couldn't pick a color I liked. When I do, be sure to check out what I picked on instagram and twitter (@leshautecouture). I'll post a picture. I've become a nail polish junkie lately so if anyone has suggestions on colors, I'd love to hear them!

On to this Essie polish. The picture makes the color look really dark but it's similar to the color of wine. Here is what the bottle and color looks like. I wanted something that was close to a burgundy color,  which is a trending color for fall! Before I started applying the polish, I had to shake the bottle a lot. More than I usually do with my polishes. Either it sat on the shelf for too long or the mixture is just thin. 

With my nail polishes, I usually only need to apply 2-3 coats. With this color, I had to apply 4 coats! The first coat was so light that it looked like I just painted with water color paint. It was so transparent and not that color I wanted. I followed that with another 3 coats until my nails were fully covered and the color I wanted. Then I added a top coat for a clean finish. It dried fairly quick. I did press on one when it wasn't completely dried and that left a little mark but I didn't feel like going back and fixing it. 

I like the way they turned out. It just took a few more coats though. It has stayed on for a pretty long time too. Two other girls from work actually had on this same color and I was so surprised! How often do you and two other people have on the same exact nail polish color? Rarely!! So this must be a popular must have color for fall and I totally recommend this to you all! 


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