Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan Concert

THE concert of the year. 20,000 people in one arena just for these two men. This was one of my all time favorite concerts and a memorable one at that. It was such a crazy night with a whirlwind of events. It was really dark and packed with people so my pictures didn't come out too great but I will share some of the ones I have. 
Let's start with a recap of the night. Concert started at 7:30 and there was one opening act before Luke Bryan was set to perform. My friends and I were stuck in traffic just trying to get to the arena and park. Fortunately, we had a VIP parking pass so we parked right up front by the doors. 
While we were in the car in traffic, we see a dog running in the street on the opposite side. We were at a dead stop but the other side was moving as normal. We don't see an owner but then see the dog running on our side now, just about to approach our car. Soon after, a man comes chasing after the dog, screaming and yelling its name. Keep in mind, this dog is sprinting, probably scared and confused. The dog then proceeds back over to the opposite side of the street. It runs in front of a car. The car hits the dog and then hits the man as well! They both go flying in the air. It seemed like it all happened in slow motion and we witnessed every second of it. We all just sat in shock. It was crazy!
So we finally get into the arena and the line just to get in stretched all the way out to the entrance of the parking lot. By that time, Luke Bryan was already starting. We wait in line to get in, which took about 30-40 minutes. We got in just in time to catch the last two songs by Luke and it happened to be me and my friend's favorite songs. 
Jason Aldean came on soon after. You know it's a good show when the crowd sings every word to every song with you. There were so many people but we found a good spot to stand and watch. He played for the rest of the night and did an amazing job!

Well that was a good show to end the country concert series. Happy October y'all!

xo & couture,

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