Old Fads

Why did I ever buy these

Ed hardy

Hollister Co hollister co

White trainers

Juicy couture

Juicy Couture gold necklace

Juicy couture perfume
$100 - harrods.com

Beauty product
$13 - nelly.com

Bumble and Bumble bumble

Ed Hardy embroidered hat

These are some items/brands I was super obsessed with in middle school/early high school. I thought they were trendy but little did I know, it was all a fad. Everyone was wearing it, everyone had it. That's what made it cool. Looking back at it now, I can't believe how much money I wasted on all this! First off, these were only "must have items" for a short amount of time. Second, most of this merchandise can now be found for cheaper at department stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack, outlet stores, etc. I can't help but laugh at myself for thinking I looked cool in any of this. 

P.s. in a few years, I'll probably look back at the things I own now and think the same thing. Meh... the world of fashion. One day it's in, the next it's out.


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