Pink and dots

Greetings all! It's Monday and the rain has finally graced us with its presence. It seems like it was a really long summer. Beginning of fall didn't feel like fall! So strange how we go from 90 degree heat to 50 degree rain in one week. I feel like I talk about weather a lot but that's only because it effects what I wear and when I can shoot! 
I luckily was able to shoot this while the sun was still shining. I don't usually do bright colors but I love this shirt. It's a hot magenta color which is very unusual for me but I like it so I got it to try it out. The material is sheer of course with polka dots. The dots are actually stitched onto the fabric instead of printed so it has some texture. Around the collar lies two pieces of string for a necktie. I love the necktie look. It's been a popular trend lately and you can probably see it repeated in a few of my posts. You can tie it into a bow or leave the two pieces untied. I tied it into a little bow. This is a great look to replace a statement necklace. 
I accessorized with silver round drop earrings. I like that there are two different sizes and the layering. Along with the earrings, I wore my silver and pink Betsey Johnson watch and silver bangle. I think the silver complimented the pink really well!
I paired this outfit with my dark Joes skinny jeans. I wore these in this post. These are my favorite skinnys! The fit is nice and I like the wash. For shoes, I also wore the same ones from that post. I usually only wear these time to time because they hurt after a while! It looks great with a lot of outfits though! 


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