I am a huge fan of Pinterest. If you don't know what that is, it's a site that lets you browse through pictures, that other people have uploaded or you can upload and share your own. With these pictures, you can separate them into categories or "boards". Each board can be titled different things like women's fashion, food, art, or crafts. Imagine you have bulletin boards and you pin pictures to each board depending on the category. That's what Pinterest does for you. It's a great place for inspiration, ideas and to free your time of bordom. If you have a Pinterest account, add me by clicking here

I just wanted to share a few things I found on the site that I really like! I also found cool DIY crafts that I want to try. So once I do, I'll post it here!
DIY: Scrabble coasters
They have the coolest DIY craft ideas. I love it! There is so much I want to try. When I find the time, I will! I just got the materials to start a project that I found on Pinterest and am excited to start! These coasters are such a cool idea! After seeing this, I got a bunch of other ideas of what I could do with Scrabble pieces!

I have a great appreciation for architecture. Something about it really intrigues me. Maybe it's because not all architecture is the same. There is always something unique about it. When I'm traveling, I like to go around and look at different architectures from houses to landmark places. Can you imagine living in this house?

How come whenever I curl my hair, it doesn't look this good?! Pinterest has great hair and beauty tips. I look at this and try to figure out how the heck to get them to look like perfect waves. Practice I guess!

Food: Quiche 
Sometimes looking at food on here can be dangerous. Especially late at night. It makes me crave everything! What's nice is that some pictures have links with directions to make it. There is so much food I want to try making. They have a yummy dessert list too :)

Art: Pebble Flower
Isn't this cool? An art piece made of large pebble rocks. The colors are so pretty and it's such an original idea. So inspiring. 

(Pictures via 
You can find things from people posting their own outfits or reposts of designer's collections. There are a lot of outfit and styling ideas that I find helpful. it's also just nice to see what's trending and what people are re-pinning. 

So that's Pinterest for you guys. I would totally suggest getting an account and start browsing. There are so many cool things to look at. Don't forget to add me! 


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