Polka Dots and Mint

Before we begin with today's post, I want to re-share my Outfit of the Week video. Please take some time and watch it. Feel free to watch, once, twice or even a thousand times. Much appreciated :)

Gosh, this weather is so on and off. One weekend will be triple digits and the week after will be rainy. I guess it's the transition to fall. I got to shoot these photos when there was somewhat sunlight. I thought "Oh, it's sunny out. It must be hot. I won't need a sweater." Clearly I was wrong because even though it was bright and sunny, it was so windy and cold! 
Today, I decided to wear my mint distressed jeans. I'm obsessed with these! First, because I don't have distressed jeans. Second, because I love the color! I know mint isn't as trendy now as it was in the summer but I still really like the look of these. Mint jeans were so hard to find! Maybe it's because I was really picky. Hehe I wanted a certain shade of mint and a particular cut/style. But eventually, I found a pair!

The top is a sheer material with mini polka dots. It buttons up and has a collar. With this shirt, I usually dress it down. So with jeans, sleeves rolled, untucked and not buttoned up all the way. For this shoot, I wanted to see how it looked if I styled it differently. I tucked it in and buttoned it up all the way to the collar. It looked plain so I added a silver statement necklace. It's not too blingy and doesn't distract from the outfit. 
Distress on my jeans!
My shoes are Tory Burch Reva flats. You guys have seen these before in this post. The silver hardware matched my necklace. Black flats look good with anything though. These are super comfortable! I would totally recommend these to anyone looking for a nice, long lasting pair of flats!
I like how to the dark top looked with the light jeans. The black doesn't wash out the mint, like a lighter colored shirt would. The polka dots give a vintage look but with a modern style shirt. I can't wait to see what else these jeans can be mixed with.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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