10 things...

that you should have in your bag/purse. I bet you girls out there all carry a bag or purse everywhere. Well here are a few things that I think would be handy to have with you. Of course, you'll have essentials like wallet, keys and phone. These items are just kind of random things that I always find myself needing at some point. This is in no particular order.

#1: Advil
I find that one of the most common things people ask other people for is Advil. Advil is great for headaches and general pain relief. You can find a little travel size tube of this at Target, Walgreens, etc. Those are nice because they are small and hold just the right amount. Also, the tube is reusable so you can just fill it later on and/or add other medicines.

#2: Feminine products
Oh yeah, you know what I'm talking about. This happens to all of us. I don't think this needs much explain. At least carry one just in case!

#3: Lip Balm
This is my daily essential. Although with Burt's Bees, I feel like if I stop using it for a while, my lips get really chapped. Maybe that's part of their marketing? Lol Keep you buying more! Any type of lip moisturizer is nice to have. Try a tinted balm/gloss or generic chapstick. 

#4: Pen
Pens are nice if you need to write something down and you are out. It may come in useful when you are at dinner and the waiter forgets to put a pen with your check. Or when you need to save a phone number (while you are on the phone so you can't input it). Be sure to get one with a cap so it doesn't leak in your purse!

#5 Gum
This is definitely not necessary but such a good thing to have just incase. Imagine you just finished dinner and you have horrible breath and you are going out after. You are covered because you have gum on the go! Downside of keeping gum with you is that once people see you chewing gum, they will ask for a piece. Before you know it, the whole pack will be gone!

#6 Bandages
Bandages are so convenient. I am a klutz and always end up with a paper cut or something. Just stick a few in your wallet or small pocket in your bag. Just once you use one, don't forget to put one back!

#7: Make Up
Obviously you don't need to carry all your make up. I would say just the things that need to be reapplied. Some things I recommend are mascara, eyeliner and face powder. You can get small sample/travel sizes of all these. That way, it doesn't take up much room. 

#8: Tissues
These small to-go packs of tissue are so cute. You don't have to have the whole pack with you, a few sheets of napkin or something would be fine too. If you are sick, you will NEED this. Or for a spill! 

#9 Hand Sanitizer
This is such a helpful product! I am a super germ freak and always wash my hands or use hand sanitizer after everything. This is the most helpful after going to public places like the gas station, the mall, work and school. It's a great improvisation if you aren't by a bathroom!

#10: Lotion
Just a small size of daily lotion is good. If your hands get dry through out the day, this is handy just to have. (no pun intended ;)) Target sells small travel sizes like this one. Some of them, you can actually refill and reuse. 

Well those are the 10 things I think you should have around. Just for the moments in time when you may need it.


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