Animal Testing

I'm sure when we are buying make up and skincare products, we don't think about what happens behind the scenes. How does that product become a successful product? By testing it on animals first! It's strange that in this century, where we have high tech electric cars and electronics, we still can't figure out another way to test products. This has caused an uproar in the animal loving society, thus creating groups like Peta. With the help of, I have come up with a list of brands that do NOT have animal testing. I hope you viewers do consider this the next time you buy make up or skincare products! 
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Bobbi Brown
Yay go Bobbi! If you haven't tried their make up, try it! I love the bronzer.

They have great skincare products for all types. May be pricey but worth it!



O.P.I Nail Polish


Betcha didn't know a lot of these brands don't test on animals! Think before buying next time!


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