Dat ____ Cray

You can say my shirt was inspired from the song by Kanye. Just a fun photo for you readers! 

I wore this gray muscle tee with a pair of high waisted cut off shorts from Levis. I wish I could say I constructed the shorts myself, but I had a hard time finding the right high waisted pants to cut. So I opted to buy a pair of already made ones. These are vintage jeans that have been cut into shorts and distressed. The distress on the shorts are getting loose and will probably just look like holes soon. But nonetheless, I still really like them. The distress is shown in the front, side and back. Ignore the weird gathering, it's because they are cut offs of jeans and high waisted.
These clear glasses are just clear lens. I actually got them at a concert. My friend was working a booth and got them for me. I've worn them occasionally but thought it worked well with this outfit.  

I didn't accessorize much with this. Just my usual every day jewelry. For shoes, I wore my black Toms that are pretty faded now. I've had them for a while and obviously wear them a lot. It may be time for a new pair! Black Friday maybe?
Here's an close-up of the shorts. I love the high waisted and distressed look. Hopefully I can find a good pair of high waist jeans and try making this myself. You know there will be a DIY post of this if I end up doing it!
Thanks again to my photographer, Jimmy, for shooting! 

On another note, I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving! Stay safe and sane on black Friday! To those working retail, good luck! 


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