Pop of Royal Blue

 Happy Monday all! Let's start this week off bold and bright. Even though it is fall and now November, we've been getting a lot of sun still! I like it. Not too warm and not too cold. Nights are chillier but a cute sweater usually does the trick.
This was a quick shoot that I did with my photographer, Jimmy! Thanks a bunch again! I was excited because I really wanted to wear this outfit in summer but didn't have this blazer yet. I'm glad it was hot this day because I got to wear this finally! 
The blazer is from my haul video seen here. I love the color! It matches my shoes also! I've had the shoes but nothing to go with it and now I do! The blazer is warm, long in length and fitted. The inside cuffs are lined with a strip detail. I usually roll my blazers so you can see the pop of pattern!

 The white top is a sheer tank top with a collar tie, like a lot of my other clothes haha. It is super lightweight and adds a classic look with the button up. I didn't want to pair the blue blazer with blue jeans so I opted for these black shorts. I'm not sure of the material but it has a glossy look. I tucked the white shirt into the shorts to style my outfit more.
My bright royal blue shoes! I had been looking for this design for a long time. I wanted a pair of black heels that had a strap across the top. Although I didn't find that exact thing, I found these! And at a super good deal! It's a suede material, super soft! 
Here are some up close shoots of my accessories and detail on my blazer. Silver was the main accessory color. I just wore a teardrop earring and cross ring. The ring came in a set but I just wore the silver one. I just wanted to add small jewelry to accent the bright royal blue!

Have a good Monday everyone!


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