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Like I said in my last post, I think I have become a make up junkie because I have been obsessed with beauty products lately.  I don't wear make up a lot so it's kind of odd that I have this make up craze... but don't wear it. Occasionally, I will have time to put on make up and get glammed up. Or when I'm bored, I like to play with make up. I like to test eye shadow colors on paper and blend it or mix it with different colors to get looks that I like/would wear. 

ELF was having an amazing cyber Monday sale. ELF products are already inexpensive so to have a sale on top of that was a great deal! Here are some of the stuff that I got during that promotion. Thank you to my wonderful boyfriend for this lovely gift. I have not tried any of these items expect for the HD powder. Matching your skin color on a computer is so much hard than in the store. So trying new make up, without seeing the actual color first in person, is hard to figure out. I kind of just guessed. I haven't tried any of the products yet since I just received it but I probably will soon. 

1. Blended Studio Blush
2. Tone Concealing Palette 
3. Lip Exfoliator
4. Tinted Lip Gloss
5. Daily Moisturizer Stick
6. Golden Bronzer
7. Mineral Blemish Kit
8. HD Powder
9. Eye Brightener

I don't usually wear blush and saw this studio blush and really liked it. The blush I have right now by bare Minerals doesn't show much on my face so I'm hoping this brighter, more pigmented blush will do the trick. I'm excited to try the lip exfoliator because my lips are always chapped so I hope this will help it a little bit! I've been switching back and forth on face washes to try them out to see which is better for my face. With that, my complexion is a little uneven. The tone concealing palette should help balance out my color more. I had two other items that were back ordered and out of stock so I didn't end up receiving them. 

I've heard really good reviews on all these products and am excited to try them all out. Be on the look out for a review soon! Happy hump day!


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