Hey Stud

Greetings viewers! My apologizes for my lack of photos lately but I've finally had time to shoot. You know how the holiday season goes. Prettiest/best time of the year but also the most hectic and cold time of the year. I hope everyone is hanging in there with finals around the corner. 

Today was just a simple shoot. Nothing too fancy but I did decide to break out these J. Campbell knock offs by Glaze. I don't think I have worn these since going to the Chelsea Lately TV show taping which can be seen here. They aren't the most comfortable shoe so I don't wear them often. They make for a cute outfit though, right? Haha

I really like the spike/studded look that has been trending for a while now. This shirt, from Nordstrom, is not as elaborate as others. It is a subtle stud. It is two toned, the front is a cream sheer with the studs and the back is just solid tan colored. Since it's sheer, I added a white bandeau under from Forever 21. The shirt just has a fun texture with the studs. 

Like I said, this outfit is just really simple. You can probably tell by my messy ponytail and lack of make up. I paired this neutral top with my favorite dark blue Joes Jean skinnys. I also wore these pants to the Chelsea taping. it is crazy to think, years ago, flare jeans were in and skinnys were seen as unflattering. Now, skinnys are probably the most popular jean. Love 'em! 

Stud detailing on my shirt up close. 

Well, hope ya'll have a good weekend! I recommend do your holiday shopping now while it's not crazy at the stores! Perhaps take some time and share some love and gifts to local charities/programs. 


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