Last Minute Gift Ideas

Holiday shopping is so stressful. Figuring out what things to get people while staying in budget and hoping they like it. And I'm sure all of you say you are going to get your Christmas shopping done early... but then when Christmas Eve comes around, you find yourself at the mall (with all the other hundreds of people) scouring last minute to find a gift. Yeah we've all been that person. Here are some easy, quick and simple gift ideas for you guys!
Easy, simple and can be found at most places. Even at a drug store, you can probably find some earrings or necklace. These are from Macys, Target and Forever 21. If it is for a peer, maybe just one piece of jewelry or if it is a closer friend, you can swing for a goodie bag full. 

Scarves, Bags, Gloves, Beanies, Hats
Winter accessories are nice for this time of year. Either knit a scarf yourself or grab one at the mall for really cheap!

Phone cases are so much fun! There are websites where you can customize your own by adding pictures and words. Or snag a nice designer label one.

Chocolate may seem like just chocolate but you could try a luscious  expensive box/assortment of chocolate like these!!
(Photos via otherwise stated)

Have a great Christmas everyone! 

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