Liebster Award #2

Alright viewers, like in my last post, I was nominated for another Liebster award by my fellow blogger, meme28. Thank you so much again for this! I appreciate the thought! Since I have done all the necessary posting for that already (see previous post here) I am just going to answer her questions here.

So here are Grace's questions and my answers!

1. Who is your favorite band/singer or maybe stretch it out fav. genre of music? 
I have so many favorite bands/singers. I also like a bunch of different genres of music. From what I can think of right now, my favorites are Taylor Swift, Luke Bryan, Cody Simpson, Justin Bieber, Drake, Gabe Bondoc, Tyler Ward and Hunter Hayes

2. This question: if you were to eat the same thing for the rest of your life on a stranded island what would you want to eat? 

3. What pulls you out of your own comfort zone? (What is something or a past event that made you have to step out of your personal bubble and actually have to adjust) 
Uh... I'm not really sure

4. James Franco? or David Franco? 
David, just because he is younger haha

5. What color are your nails right now 
"Lollipop" by Essie which is like a candy cane red

6. Who is your ultimate favorite designer? 
Hmm... Balenciaga probably

7. If you could change one thing about the fashion industry or contribute something to it, what would it be? 
I would want to see more collaborations between designers and brands

8. What is your belief on gun control? 
Eh.. everyone is entitled to their own opinion

9. What kind of hopes do you have for your blog? What do you see "future-wise" in your blog. 
I hope that my blog gets exposed more to a bigger audience so it could be noticed in the industry. Possibly even work with other big bloggers or even celebrities 

10. If someone paid you a million dollars, would you walk around...Sf/ LA/ SEOUL /TOKYO/ NY naked? 
Grace, what kind of question is this?!?!?! bahahahaha negatory 

11. What is a staple piece (be it a cardigan, accessories, specific shoes) that you always have to wear or wear the most often? 

Have a great weekend readers. Hope ya'll have gotten all your shopping done!


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