Light Up The Holidays

Oh the holidays. My favorite part about this time of year is seeing all of the lights and decorations. Something about them makes me really happy. I sound like a little kid but it's true! I suppose I just have a great appreciation for art. Anyways, I finally had time for a shoot! I decided to do a night shoot with usual my photographer. Thanks bro! The last time I did night photography was 3 years ago. Night photography is so much harder than it looks! And it takes a lot of patience. I like the way these came out though! 

I was so tired! I had to work really early in the morning. I was styling a mannequin at work and paired a crew neck sweater over a button up shirt. I really liked the combo so I decided to try it out myself. My button up is black with small white polka dots. I made sure to pull out the collar and cuff the sleeves for a little more detail. You all know I don't accessorize a whole lot so I just wore a simple silver big necklace. 
Since it was a night shoot, I wanted to wear a bright sweater. I just got this mint sweater a few days before and thought it would be perfect. For pants, I wore my dark skinnys with a little distressing in the knees. 

Shoes! I'm glad it wasn't raining! It wasn't too cold either. I got my cream colored boot socks with my black boots. My go-to shoes!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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