10 Things Vol. 2

Hello! Here we are again with another 10 things post. Today, I will be covering 10 things that I think are essential pieces to have in your wardrobe. This is just in my opinion. I'm depending on your job or school, your closet may be different but here are some key items that could be versatile and useful for all events. 


Blazers by leshautecouture featuring a merino wool jacket

I think a blazer is a great staple. You can dress it down for work or dress it up for a night out with the ladies. Black would be ideal because you can wear it with nice black work pants or wear a colored shirt for a pop. Colored blazers are fun also. You could pair it with a neutral colored top. What I like about blazers are the sleeves. Some blazers come with a cool interior lining of a color or pattern or design. You can roll it up to show that detail and it looks really cute!

Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress by leshautecouture featuring a scoop neck dress

Little Black Dress
Again, you can dress it up or down. So versatile for different events. You can style it with cute colored heels like red or gold or blue. You can add a belt at the waistline to add more shape. Try a colored belt so it's not so simple! Or go all black with black pumps!

Camis are nice to have for daily wear. They go will underneath tops or just for lounging.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans by leshautecouture featuring skinny leg jeans
Skinny Jeans
Dark skinnys are the greatest! They look good with everything and easy to style. Jeans are an essential for everyone!

Running Shoes
Running shoes aren't just great for running. They are nice for doing errands, walking, shopping at the mall or if you just want to be comfortable. I like to wear mine to work since I'm constantly running around. Oh and I love my shoes for hiking!

Coats and Jackets

Coats and Jackets by leshautecouture featuring a peacoat jacket
Coat or Jacket
Keep a nice coat or jacket in your closet for the winter. They come in handy and are so warm!

A great purse will be a helpful item. Spring for one nice purse instead of buying multiple!

Printed Pants

Printed Pants by leshautecouture featuring ponte leggings
Printed pants or leggings!

Have a good pair of leather boots! These work great year round!

White Button Up
Great for work and business casual wear. If you think it's too formal, try throwing a sweater over it and pop the collar out. 

Have a great day guys! 


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