Casual Friday

Hey guys! I know I've been lacking on my outfit posts but here's one for ya! I just got back from a mini vacation where I got to snowboard! I haven't been in years and it was nice to do that again. I must say, it is a lot harder than it looks! Definitely took a few tries to get the hang out it. I hate those lifts that pull you by rope! Oh my gosh, does anyone else? It is the hardest thing to do on a snowboard! But then again, getting off of the normal snow lift is pretty hard too. Or maybe I just struggle haha. We went night boarding one night and at the lodge, there were jumps and we watched all these guys do such cool tricks on the jumps. I think the highlight was when a guy did a back flip off of a jump then continued to do a 360 spin off of the next jump right after. Talent!

Anyway, it was a super casual day at work and I just did a few quick photos. I have been obsessed with this burgundy color all season. There are so many names for this color. I've heard maroon, cranberry and raspberry. I just call it burgundy. 

I usually like to pair my colored pants with neutral colors. So I wore this cream color, short sleeve henley-like top. It's loose and super soft! I got it from Gap last season and it's a good basic. I like that the sleeves are loose and big so it falls nicely. Only thing that's annoying is when I put a jacket or sweater on, it bunches at the sleeves. 

For shoes, I just wore my black boots. I love these shoes! So comfortable and it is my usual go-to shoe. I would say black boots are such a staple for me. I usually invest in a good pair every year. It just goes with everything! And I love neutrals. So versatile!

I didn't accessorize much as like I said, it was super causal. I just wore my usual necklace and bracelet with my watch. My hair is just natural. I do need a hair cut soon though! Oh and my nail polish is "Onyx" by Sally Hansen. 

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great and fun weekend!


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