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Okay readers, I am SO excited to share this post with you all! I do warn you, this will be a long post but if you are interested, keep reading! I had the pleasure of attending Gabe Bondoc's GBLIVE concert on Saturday night. Gabe is an amazing artist best known for his videos on Youtube. Check out his channel for his covers and originals! 

I got his t-shirt at the concert and got it autographed! Weeeeeee so excited! So I decided to do a shoot with it cause I said I would start doing more outfit shoots. Here are some pictures from the concert too! Big thank you to my photographer Jimmy for taking the photos a few days after having wisdom teeth taken out! What a trooper!

And here's the shoot! 

You don't understand how long I have waited for him to come to the bay area! When I first found out he was playing in his hometown, I knew I could not miss this chance to see him live. For a long time now, I have loved acoustic music. When I first heard about Gabe back in 2007 (I think?), I fell in love with his voice, his music and his words. At that point in my life, I was a kid learning to grow up, adapt to a new school, move on from a heartbreak and meet new people. Music was my escape, my remedy, my go-to when I needed something to fall back on. 

It was music like Gabe's "Suitcases and Travel Bags" and "Life Love Everything" that I would put on repeat everyday. I would sit in study hall and listen to the same songs over and over again. I always wondered if the people around me ever wondered what I was actually listening to. Eventually this habit just stuck with me and even though I am older now, I still listen to the same playlist over and over again. It consists of old and new songs that I really like. Some days I'll just put one song on repeat and I'll listen to it all day. Most of the songs on this playlist are Youtube stars, in particular, Gabe Bondoc. I've followed him for a long time now and I have grown very fond of his music. It's soothing, mellow and original. The words in his original songs are so spot on. Even his tweets are so relatable and true. Almost like life lessons. You know those type of people who just have a way with words or know what to say at the right time? Yeah, he is one of those people. 

I have a huge appreciation for musicians and artists and I recognize it when I see it, which is why I am sharing this with you all and Gabe today. Call me crazy but I'd much rather support "not-so-main-stream" artists. I recommend you all check out some musicians on Youtube. I am so happy to have found such a talented, humble, whole hearted and inspiring musician who kindly shares his music and words with all of us. So Gabe, here is my letter to you.

Thank you for being you. Thank you for sharing your music with all of us, for writing from the heart and for helping me get through my days. You are so talented and a true inspiration. You make me want to sing, which I can't do well and you make me want to play the guitar, which I've been attempting.You take a song and put a twist on it to make it your own. That comes from your love and passion that shows through your music. It's amazing how just one person or one song can touch someone's life or effect them in that moment. I hope you keep doing what you do for a very long time because I know you will go far in your career. I loved your show on Saturday and I am so glad we got the chance to meet. If you are reading this, thank you for keeping your pinky promise! I wish you and your beautiful fiancée all the best. Until we meet again...

Thank you everyone for reading all of this! I know it was a lot! As always, keep up with me on Twitter and Instagram @leshautecouture and stay updated on my Facebook page here

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