Undisputed Champ

Hey Hey Hey readers! Here's a quick outfit post for ya'll. I'm glad I got to shoot before the rainy weather came back. Now it's probably going to be rainy for a while. Oh Winter... feeling like Spring. One day it's sunshine the next it rains. I figured it would be a cold Winter... since we had a long/late Summer. Spring shall be interesting.

Anyways, I went for a comfy look today. It was one of those lazy, laid back days. I wore this gray crew neck pullover sweater, blue button up with collar, black skinnys and black combat boots. My sweater which says "Undisputed Champ" is from Illest. They are a locally based company by Fatlace. I love their apparel and accessories. They are a great company representing lifestyle, music, cars and break dancing. Sounds boyish I know but I have a knack for that kind of stuff. Support local! Gotta show my Bay Area love!

I was so surprised to find this sweater. Their sweaters usually go fast and I'm glad I found this one in my size! I think it's a unisex size so it's actually a little big for me. But it's a sweater so whatever! It makes it easier to wear a shirt underneath like the one I'm wearing. It's just a blue button up with a collar. I pulled the collar over the sweater so it would show. It just adds a little detail to the sweater so it's not so plain. 

For bottoms, I'm just wear black skinnys. I find myself having to get black jeans more often than blue denim because it fades so fast! I have yet to find a good pair that lasts. These ones are fairly new so I hope they keep their color. Black skinnys are a great essential! My shoes are my black combat boots which you have seen in my previous posts! Love these! 

Happy Friday! 


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