Chilly Days

So I don't know if it's just California but this weather is crazy. Can mother nature please make up her mind? Yesterday was raining and 50 degrees and today it is 64 degrees and sunshine. Even though it is bright and clear outside, it is still pretty chilly. You might say "well duh, it's winter". Yes it may be winter but it sure is feeling like spring already. Which is why today called for a cozy, warm sweater. 

I guess today is the recover day from the rain. It has been breezy all afternoon. It's so hard to pick out what to wear nowadays! It's warm in the AM and freezing in the PM. It's been a laid back day today so I kept it simple. 

This sweater is so comfy! I love the little white strip print. It buttons up also but I just wore it open. This is what I call a modern grandma sweater. It's not itchy like most wool sweaters though! It's actually pretty thick so I wore just a loose top underneath. You can't really tell but the shirt actually has burnt out tribal prints on it. 

My jeans are from Rock and Republic. These are usually my go-to jeans. I've had them for a while and are starting to get worn out. They are a straight leg so they fit nicely into my boots. And of course, black boots to finish the outfit. Like I said, it was a really laid back-run errands-relax kind of day. 

(photo creds: Kyle)

Thanks to everyone for keeping up with my posts and for all the support! Have a good rest of the week!


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