Marc Jacobs Fall 2013

NEW YORK FASHION WEEK! Woo, I've finally had time to watch some of the shows! Obviously I hope to one day attend fashion week but for now, the internet will do. One of my favorite designs is Marc Jacobs and I have been waiting all week to see his show. In my recent post, you guys know I think Marc Jacobs is fabulous. I mean, how many men can walk the red carpet in a pink skirt? Anyways, he is a genius and I love the Fall 2013 collection.

The theme is very dark and monotoned which actually matched his collection. There were hints of metallic and sparkles. The clothes ranged from silk pajamas to fox scarves to high-waisted briefs. The idea of his show was to counter the ordinary. By that I mean he wanted to show the comfort of clothes and the not-so elaborated stuff. He took his bow in PJ's! How more comfortable can you get?! Here are some fits from the show. 
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There was a lot of bare skin on the runway. He even sent a girl down the runway topless. Daring move MJ but it fits the overall concept. All the girls wore the same wig and had the same dark make up. His coats weren't accompanied by bottoms and he used a lot of fur for a detail around the collar.

I love the originality of this and how it wasn't like all the other shows. It's edgy, fun and risqué but hey, fashion is a form of expression. Express away Marc Jacobs!


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