Prada and Fendi Fall 2013

Greetings Milan Fashion Week! As I am watching the last couple shows from Milan, I wanted to share these two collections with you. Both of these shows were crazy. Like out of the ordinary, original and creative. You may think it's weird but that is what makes it a good show. It makes you remember. 
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Prada's collection consisted of trench coat dresses with a big belt, lengths meeting at the knee and fur. The show started with a few coats and jackets made of fur. Even the accessories had fur!



Fendi's show had fur, fur and animal skin of some sorts! Similar to Prada, the accessories even had fur. They also had fur coats and dresses. Another theme for this collection was alligator skin. Not sure if any of these are real but there was sure a lot of it!

Check out these two shows if you have a chance. Both very futuristic looking and great!


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