Chanel Runway

I love Chanel runway shows. They are always so creative and originally. It is never an ordinary runway show. I say it's more like a play, it tells a story. Karl Lagerfeld is a creative genisus. No idea how he comes up with the themes but they're so cool! 

This show is the premier of the Spring Summer Haute Couture 2013 line. It is set in a round arena  and the guests sit around half of it. It's surrounded by trees and leaves giving it a nature feel. The ground is cream colored with hints of dirt, giving it an outdoor look. The music even went with the show and theme. It was like a forest sound while the models walked out. The collection is so cool and the accessories and hair/make up compliment the theme! 

If you haven't seen any of the Chanel shows, I recommend checking them out! For me, they were a great inspiration for school projects! Holla for Karl Lagerfeld!


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