Elie Saab Fall 2013

I am a huge fan of Elie Saab. His red carpet looks are always spot on. You don't see an award show where someone is not wearing Elie Saab. He is THE designer for detail-oriented, lace filled, feminine dresses. Sheer genisus. I love his taste in color palettes and if I could, I would wear his collections to every and all events. 

I was very excited to finally see his runway show for Fall 2013. I am obsessed with the entire collection. His color choices are remarkable, the attention to detail on the beading and lace are incomparable and the structure of his designs are amazing! There is a mix of masculine and feminine things like tailored blazers with pant suits and then there are long gown decked out in lace overlay. He also presented knee length dresses and they are the perfect length! Not too long to be conservative and not too short to be a club dress. Check out SOME of my favorites. I suggest looking at the whole collection! 

(All pictures via www.style.com)

Just look at how great all these pieces are! Can't you see someone on the red carpet wearing one of these?! I totally can!


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