Pop of Mint

Herro all! What a nice day today. This weekend was really chilly (but uh it was super hot on Friday so what?). I'm glad today warmed up and the sun came out. Another great plus side about that is that I can actually take photos outside. Haha. Natural lighting is the best!

This was such a cute location! There were lots of white fences, open space and even a windmill. Today's outfit consists of black, white and a pop of color. Today that color is mint. I have been obsessed with this color all season and decided to make that the pop in this outfit. 
Side note: The bracelet on my wrist is actually from the Gabe Bondoc concert. Check out my recap here. It just happened to match my necklace :)

I bought these pants originally for a styling photo shoot from Urban Outfitters and I just ended up keeping them for myself. I wasn't crazy about the print, it's a little more out there than my usual apparel but I figured I would try them out. I like them more than I thought I would! Since the print is so bold, I wore a simple white high low top. I think the pants would look good with a colored top too. For today, I just felt like doing a pop of color. 

What better to do a pop of color than a big statement necklace! This is one of my favorites from Forever 21 and it goes with so much of my wardrobe. Statement necklaces look great with button up shirts or plain shirts. It adds a cute detail! Accessories are your friend! If you look closely, my nails are almost the same color too. That was not intentional though! But can you tell it's my favorite?

My shoes are my J. Campbell knock offs that I have worn in previous posts. They are ridiculously high so I only wear them for events. They give a real rocker look though so I thought it would compliment my jeans well! 

Spring time needs to come now! I can't wait to wear all my spring stuff! Thanks again to my photographer, Jimmy, for taking the photos! Have a great day everyone! Almost the weekend! Yeeeeee!


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