Lavender Love

Hello all! I am so happy to be finally making an outfit post. I haven't done one in a really long time but the weather was great and has been all week. I love natural lighting and it's hard to find a time of day to take good photos. I shot these right before I headed to work and I guess there were groups, yes multiple groups, of kids on campus today taking prom pictures. They were everywhere! I had to keep looking for places where they wouldn't be in the background. The funny part was I would be one place taking pictures and then that group would move to that spot after me and take pictures in the same spot. WHAT? Then there were two couples doing wedding pictures too. I guess it was a great day for photography for all!  

Pretty basic outfit. I got this shirt back when the shoulder cut outs were really in around last fall. Urban Outfitters was having a huge sale and I got this shirt for a good price. Love their deals! One reason why I got the shirt was for the color. This is such a pretty purple and it is super light weight, great for this weather. Another reason for purchasing this shirt was because of the cut outs and the button up detail. It's collar-less so it's more casual. 

My jeans are the "legging jeans" from Gap. They are super soft and stretchy. They aren't like cotton leggings though. They feel and look like real denim. And this is one of the few pairs of jeans that aren't too long in length for me! I like that the wash isn't too dark or too light. Makes it a great go-to jean!

Forever 21 has the cutest sandals right now! Mine are from there (but I got these particular ones last year) and I'm thinking of getting a few from this years collection. They are pretty inexpensive and last quite a while. Black sandals are nice because they go with a lot. They are so easy and quick to put on! 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Have a great week everyone! And as always, thank you for reading and supporting my blog! Oh and big thanks to my photographer, Jimmy! 


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