April Favorites

That time again for my monthly favorites! This post is for last month, April. I usually do these after the month is over so I can recap. There is a mix of fashion and beauty things as well as random ones too. Here it is!

Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry 
Such a good balm and tint in one! Whenever I wear lipstick, I always have to put chap stick on first or else my lips dry out so quick. This does both of those things for me! I've tried the normal chap stick unflavored one from Baby Lips and I thought the tinted one would be nice. So I got it and now I love it! It's long lasting too!

Camo everything
I've been loving the camp trend lately. Naturally, I had to get something camo or something of those colors. I got "army colored" pants which are a dark olive color. I love those! They match well with a lot of things and they are super comfortable. AND they were on super super sale! woo!

These are one of my favorite desserts. If only they were easy to make... or less expensive to buy at the store. They are delicious. I like that it comes in so many different flavors. It's like a cookie cake? I don't know how to describe it but if you've never tried it, go get one now!!!

Stila Waterproof Eyeliner
This is such a good bottom liner. This is my first time trying this and I think it works pretty well. Doesn't smudge that much and stays on all day. 

All sandals in general have been great lately! I do loveeeeee these Sam Edelman ones though!

Sugar Crush
Such an addicting app. If you don't have it, get it! It is so entertaining and fun. Kind of like bejeweled. I was really confused how to play at first but you learn as you go! Just match the same pieces in a set of 3 or more. But it only gives you a certain amount of moves/time! I've been all the levels and I re-downloaded it just to play it again!

Happy Friday everyone! Have a good weekend and Happy Mother's Day!


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