Celeb Fashion Idol #5

Hello readers! Welcome to another edition of fashionable celebs. Clearly, not all 16 year olds look like this. If only, right?! Not only does Hailee Steinfeld have a gorgeous face, but her style is so on point! Whether it is her dressing herself or her stylist, she always looks good. If you didn't know it, you would think she's a model. But she's actually a really good actress! 

When I first saw her on screen in True Grit, I knew she was going to be the next "it" girl. She was a talented little girl and look at her now! All the big name designers want her. She's young, pretty and has the whole package. Check out her amazing sense of style! 

She was also chosen to be the face of Mui Mui. What better to launch your career than a high end designer wanting you to be the face of their company. Now she can be seen in the best of the best designer stuff. 

Haliee always looks so put together. Better yet, she dresses age appropriate. She's going to do big things with her career. I can't wait to see her fashion style develop!


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