August Favorites

August Favorites! Gosh, that month flew by quick. Got to get ready for fall now. Check out some of my favorites from the month. 

Gel Pens
I remember how much I used to love these as a kid. I used to get so mad when they would run out of ink. Haha as silly as that is, it was a big deal. I had so many of these, all different kinds of brands, colors, sizes, etc. I wrote everything with these pens. I even used to draw on my hands with them. You know you used to do that too!! 
I recently just got a couple just to doodle and play with. I forgot how fun these are!

Mango Sticky Rice
Okay, so my friend Katie introduced me to this. Now, our entire team LOVES this stuff. It's a thai dessert. Pretty much what it is is sticky rice with coconut milk and sugar, sliced mangos and toasted sesame seeds on top (optional: not all places do this). As strange as that combo is, it is absolutely delicious!! If you haven't tried it, I totally recommend it. It makes for a great snack/dessert. The place we go to always has really ripe mangos which makes it so much better! 

Naked Basic Palette
Such a great everyday shadow kit. The colors are beautiful neutral colors that could be worn all year round. I like it because it doesn't crease or fade like some others do. This is a great essential and go-to.

Face Sunscreen
I only tried this once but I love it! It is sunscreen for the face but it doesn't leave your face all greasy or anything. It also worked well under make up!  

I love summer mostly because it is watermelon season. I have been crazy about this stuff all summer. It's sooooo good!! I'm sad they'll be gone soon (the good ones at least) but I think I've had enough watermelon. P.S. fruit is always better cut up into little pieces :)

Happy Friday loves! Have a great weekend and get ready for FASHION WEEK!!!!!!!


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