August Favorites

September 06, 2013

August Favorites! Gosh, that month flew by quick. Got to get ready for fall now. Check out some of my favorites from the month. 

Gel Pens
I remember how much I used to love these as a kid. I used to get so mad when they would run out of ink. Haha as silly as that is, it was a big deal. I had so many of these, all different kinds of brands, colors, sizes, etc. I wrote everything with these pens. I even used to draw on my hands with them. You know you used to do that too!! 
I recently just got a couple just to doodle and play with. I forgot how fun these are!

Mango Sticky Rice
Okay, so my friend Katie introduced me to this. Now, our entire team LOVES this stuff. It's a thai dessert. Pretty much what it is is sticky rice with coconut milk and sugar, sliced mangos and toasted sesame seeds on top (optional: not all places do this). As strange as that combo is, it is absolutely delicious!! If you haven't tried it, I totally recommend it. It makes for a great snack/dessert. The place we go to always has really ripe mangos which makes it so much better! 

Naked Basic Palette
Such a great everyday shadow kit. The colors are beautiful neutral colors that could be worn all year round. I like it because it doesn't crease or fade like some others do. This is a great essential and go-to.

Face Sunscreen
I only tried this once but I love it! It is sunscreen for the face but it doesn't leave your face all greasy or anything. It also worked well under make up!  

I love summer mostly because it is watermelon season. I have been crazy about this stuff all summer. It's sooooo good!! I'm sad they'll be gone soon (the good ones at least) but I think I've had enough watermelon. P.S. fruit is always better cut up into little pieces :)

Happy Friday loves! Have a great weekend and get ready for FASHION WEEK!!!!!!!


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  1. great post, totally remember those gel pens. brings back memories. and my mom loves that mango dish too. also, thank you for taking the time to follow my blog. followed back and looking forward to your updates.


    1. thank you! looking forward to yours as well!


  2. Aw those gel pens take me back! I used to collect them, thanks for the reminiscence haha I hear great things about that palette, but I only have the naked palette one. Also watermelon does great wonders! I read an article about how it improves romance, not sure but look it up!
    would love to have us follow each other, let me know?
    ♥ Stacey Nguyen

    1. thanks for reading! I followed you. Looking forward to your updates!