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Halloween Ideas

Halloween is only a few days away! October just flew by. Now that I'm older, I don't go all out for this holiday anymore. When I was younger, I would have my costume planned months in advance. In my teen years, I would dress up as a group with my friends. Like one year we were the characters from Wizard of Oz.  I've stopped dressing up but that doesn't mean I don't get in the halloween spirit. Here are some cool DIY things that I found on Pinterest! Try some of these out for great decorations! xx, Trisha

Sunny and 75

Isn't it crazy that it's fall and still 75 degrees out? Does this mean we are going to have a super cold winter?! Don't get me wrong, I love the warm weather. It has been nice having a warm fall. But I am excited for boots, sweaters and scarves!  While the sun is still out, my summer clothes have not been packed away yet. I went with a light tank since it was so hot! It is sheer and loose, perfect for weather like this. I love printed tops because it adds so much detail to a plain pair of jeans or skirts.  For this, I paired it with a long black maxi skirt. I was on the hunt for a great maxi skirt like this all summer and I finally found one! I wear it a lot because there are so many different ways you can style it. I wore it high waisted and it folds over at the top. It's easy to change the length of it. I wanted to wear something that wasn't so tight fitted and this was perfect. Such a staple item!! I kept my accessories really simp

Sunshine Award

Hello readers! I have been nominated for a Sunshine Award by the lovely Sarah of Lame´ Chic . Thank you so much for thinking of me and I'm glad we get to share this journey together! We forreal need to meet up!  If you are familiar with the Liebster Award or read my post  on it, then the Sunshine Award is pretty similar. Here are the rules: 1. Include the award logo in your post 2. Link to the person who nominated you 3. Answer the 10 questions set for you 4. Set 10 questions for your nominees 5. Nominate 10 bloggers! Here are the answers to Sarah questions... 1. What do you do outside of blogging? I work a lot. I am a visual merchandiser and I love it. I get to be creative and hands on making visual displays. If I'm not working, I like to go hiking, watch hockey and do DIY projects. 2. Why did you decide to start your blog? My blog originally started as part of an internship. One of which where I met Sarah and a handful of other great girls

Musical Friday

Stumbled upon this amazing cover and I needed to share it. If you haven't heard of Sam Tsui, go YouTube him now! He has one of the most unique voices I have ever heard. And the fact that he is covering one of my favorite country artists, Hunter Hayes, that's even better. Happy Friday<3 xx, Trisha

September Favorites

My apologizes for this September favorites post going up so late. I have been so busy, as I said in my last post. September was a chaotic month so there weren't many new things that I tried. I'm really trying to keep up with this monthly favorites thing so sorry for my lagging! Hot and Sour Soup I was sick for a little bit and all I did was eat soup. I don't usually eat hot and sour soup but so some reason, I had this huge craving for it! I wanted something like a spicy soup and this is what I thought of. When I did have it, it was like the best thing ever! I was sick so I guess everything new tasted good haha I even had this after I got over my sickness! Yum! Revlon ColorStay Foundation I rarely use liquid foundation. It just gets too messy and I'm not a big make up guru so I don't even know if I'm applying it correctly. I heard great things about this foundation and decided to try it out. It works amazing! I went out with some friends and it s

Somewhere in Tokyo

Sorry I have been so MIA from here lately. I have been busy with so much but I am finally updating you guys! The theme for this shoot was Tokyo Inspired. I'm so glad to have been able to do this with amazing people! The weather has lightened up and it's cooler now. But it is still not super cold yet. I have been layering, layering, layering though! The easiest way to do that is with a button up flannel. Flannels are extra warm because of the slightly thicker material. It's great worn open or buttoned up! I threw on my multi-colored button up over a solid neutral color dress. It makes both pieces stand out more. This is actually a slip dress so it is all lace. I paired it with shorts underneath and for the top, I layered again with an olive color thermal. The thermal has cool cuffs so I rolled up the flannel so the texture would pop.  With the dress, I wore little brown booties with a heel. It gives me a little height! I just wanted a simple sh