September Favorites

My apologizes for this September favorites post going up so late. I have been so busy, as I said in my last post. September was a chaotic month so there weren't many new things that I tried. I'm really trying to keep up with this monthly favorites thing so sorry for my lagging!

Hot and Sour Soup
I was sick for a little bit and all I did was eat soup. I don't usually eat hot and sour soup but so some reason, I had this huge craving for it! I wanted something like a spicy soup and this is what I thought of. When I did have it, it was like the best thing ever! I was sick so I guess everything new tasted good haha I even had this after I got over my sickness! Yum!

Revlon ColorStay Foundation
I rarely use liquid foundation. It just gets too messy and I'm not a big make up guru so I don't even know if I'm applying it correctly. I heard great things about this foundation and decided to try it out. It works amazing! I went out with some friends and it stayed on all day. Even after some hard core dancing! I love that it has SPF and it doesn't get clumpy on your face!

Essie: After School Boy Blazer
Love this color for the fall. The new collections are so good! Check it out if you haven't. This one is my favorite because I love dark nail polish for the fall. This really is the color of a uniform blazer though! 

Bath and Body Works Aloha Waikiki Candle
This just smells like flowers and springtime. It's great if you want something that isn't too strongly scented. 

Starbucks Lemonade Tea
So I ordered a strawberry lemonade at Bux and they some how made me a Green Tea with Strawberry Lemonade. I'm not sure where they got the green tea but it actually turned out really good!! The green tea isn't too strong but it does have the after taste of tea. Try it out!

That's it for September. Hope you guys had a good 3 day weekend (if you had yesterday off for Columbus Day). 


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