Fall Begins

It is finally beginning to feel like fall. The sun is setting earlier, the leaves are changing colors and falling to the ground. Time to bring out the sweaters, beanies and scarves! 

A great thing about Fall is that there will be days where you get warm weather and then some chillier days. I went with a neutral look today. I threw on a jacket over my cropped top. I love the look of the top together and it was perfect for this weather. The colors are easy to work with and it isn't too heavy for the fall.

I went with a high waisted skirt that has cool shape at the bottom. One side is shorter than the other! It's different than all the other skirts and I love the way this moves when I walk.

For accessories, I went with a beanie and collar necklace. The crop top has a deep neckline so I thought I needed something to fill in between. The necklace has two layers so it drapes nicely. For shoes, I went with grey buckle boots. Something simple and the right height with the skirt!

Go enjoy the fall weather. Watch the leaves change color. Drink a pumpkin spice latte.


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