October Favorites

October favorites! I will recap the month in a following post because there's so much to talk about! From hair cuts to concerts to meeting my favorite band. For now, here are some of my favorite things from October! 

Peach Sparkling Wine
This stuff is delicious. If you haven't tried it, you need to. You can find this at Trader Joe's for really cheap. It's so yummy if you like sweeter drinks. I first tried this a while ago with some friends and loved it. It's great with a meal!

Benefit Watts Up
I'm not sure if I have talked about this before but this is a great highlighter. I got this in a sample size with a gift pack and liked it so much that I got the full size. I don't use it all the time but it does make a difference. It's super easy to glide on too.

I posted this on my instagram @leshautecouture a while ago when I first got them. I've been wearing them more and more lately because of the cooler weather. They have a more "lived-in" look now which is fine for Chuck's. They go with everything! 

The Choice by Nicholas Sparks
Nicholas Sparks is one of my favorite authors. I recently got a collection of his books and this was one of them. I know it's not a super new book but I just started reading it and really like it so far. All his books are good so I'm not surprised. Check out some of his stuff! Or watch the movies!

I didn't see many new movies in October but I did get the chance to watch the new movie, Rush staring Chris Hemsworth. It has a really cool story line and since it was based on a true story, it makes it even better. I didn't think they dragged out the story like other movies tend to. Both main actors were great at portraying their characters. 

Hope you guys had a fun Halloween!


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