Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers

In need of some last minute stocking stuffer ideas? I got you covered! I've come up with a few things that I have received in my stocking in the past and some things I have given. A good idea to fill the stocking is by getting little knick-knacks. These could be anything really. From food to hair goods to gift cards.

1. EOS Chapstick
You can use any lip balm. The EOS just comes in a really unique packaging. It comes in many flavors so if you need to get multiple stocking stuffers, you can get these in all different flavors.

2. Socks
You can never go wrong with socks. The best ones for the winter are the thick, fuzzy ones! They are super warm and so cozy to wear on a cold day.

3. Mini Candle
Bath and Body Works makes the best mini candles in my opinion. They have a great assortment of scents.

4. Nail Polish
Another great small item. Most time, you can find nail polish in sets as well so that would make a good filler. You can do Christmas colors like red, green, gold, sparkle or you can be neutral and do other fun colors!

5. Mini Perfume
The travel size will fit perfectly in a stocking. These come in roll-on bottles or little spray bottles.

6. Necklace/Jewelry
An inexpensive piece of jewelry can be easy to find. It could be a ring or something just really simple.

7. Candy Canes
Nowadays you can find gigantic candy canes of all sorts of flavors. You can go traditional and get peppermint or branch out and get a yummy flavored one!

8. Ornament
I love finding cute ornaments. There are so many fun ones out there. Even Starbucks has their own ornaments.

9. Movie Tickets
These are an easy and useful purchase. It's something they can use whenever. Who doesn't love going to the movies?!

Happy shopping everyone!


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