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Mod Stripe

Dress: Free People // Socks: Urban Outfitters // Necklace: Forever 21 // Watch: MK How is it winter and still 70 degrees? Don't get my wrong, I love it but I get the feeling that means we are going to have a really cold spring. Anyways, I have been wearing a lot of light sweaters and tee's lately in the day. I usually have to throw on a jacket at night because it gets so cold!  This dress is actually suppose to be a tunic. Since I'm on the shorter side, it is more of a dress on me. I love this because it is the perfect balance of warm and cool. It is a super thick and fuzzy material. Just incase it got cold, I paired it with high socks. It's definitely on of those easy, throw-on outfits.  (Photos by: Jimmy Nguyen)  Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have a great weekend and for all my fellow Asians out there... Happy New Year! ;) xx, Trisha

Grammys 2014

Wow! Were the Grammys sparkly or what?! From the dresses to the venue, it was a glamorous, glittery night. The trend among the stars seemed to be neutral, ivory colors or red. Both colors looked amazing on the carpet and here are some of my favorites from the night! Taylor Swift in Gucci Pink in Joanna Johansson  Colbie Caillat in Ezra Santos Taylor Swift in Alberta Ferrertti Miranda Lambert in Pamella Roland  Beyonce in Michael Costello  Now let's talk about that performance by Beyonce and Jay-Z. OH. MY. GAH. Incredible! If you missed it, you can find it on Youtube. It is a must see! xx, Trisha

December Favorites

So I realize it is late in January but I had just remember that I did not post my December favorites! If you don't know, I like to share a few of my favorite things from each month. It's usually food, books, clothes, make up and/or movie. December was a crazy month with everything going on for the holiday. Check out some of my favorite things from then! Strawberry Crepe YUMMMMMMMMM. Now if only I could get good at making these. OPI DS Reserve from the Designer Collection It was a great color for Christmas. I kept it until New Years also and it was the perfect touch of sparkle.   Brussel Sprouts I know a lot of people don't like these, but I think they are so good! I had them almost every week for lunch (Pluto's has really good ones!) I went to a holiday work party and there was a brussel sprout dish that looked exactly like the photo above. It was so delicious, I could have eaten just that all night.  Simple Cleansing Wipes These are great

Golden Globes 2014

Award season is here!! Woohoo! You know what that means... time for a recap of my favorite looks! We are kicking off with the Golden Globes that happened this past weekend. There were a lot of hits and I would say a few misses. Overall I think the red carpet was hot and so on trend. I'm lovin' it and so excited for more! xx, Trisha

Let It Snow

Let It Snow by leshautecouture featuring a round scarf One great thing about the winter is snow. Some of you may love it and some of you might hate it. I have been very lucky to live in an area where it does not snow but can drive to the snow in a reasonable amount of time. It's nice to go at least once during the season. It's like going to the beach in the summer, you just have to do it. I usually go snowboarding and/or tubing for a few days but I will admit, it is quite tiring after awhile. I definitely recommend it though, even if you are just going for the thrill, it's an amazing sight and experience. So if you are headed to the snow this season, make sure you pack ahead. Some essentials are a nice, waterproof jacket, goggles, gloves (tip: get the touch tip ones so you can still use your phone with gloves on!), ear muffs, snow boots, beanie, waterproof snow pants and a scarf! Now you don't have to wear all of this while on the slopes but it will for sure

Number 61

Graphic Tee: Free People // Button Down: Free People // Leggings: BP Nordstrom // Boots: Steve Madden Hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Years! I've been keeping it really simple lately with layering and just warm clothes. One easy way to do that is with button down shirts. Flannels are great for this. I paired a graphic tee with a printed button down. I stuck with a simple tee since the print was so loud. The shirts ended up to be quite long on me so I went with black leggings. I was running errands all day and just wanted to be comfortable and cute. Leggings are the best for this kind of weather. You could probably find some really nice leggings that look just like black pants!  (Photos: Jimmy Nguyen)  Cheers to New Year resolutions and a great 2014 Live it up friends! xx, Trisha