December Favorites

January 18, 2014

So I realize it is late in January but I had just remember that I did not post my December favorites! If you don't know, I like to share a few of my favorite things from each month. It's usually food, books, clothes, make up and/or movie. December was a crazy month with everything going on for the holiday. Check out some of my favorite things from then!

Strawberry Crepe
YUMMMMMMMMM. Now if only I could get good at making these.

OPI DS Reserve from the Designer Collection
It was a great color for Christmas. I kept it until New Years also and it was the perfect touch of sparkle. 

 Brussel Sprouts
I know a lot of people don't like these, but I think they are so good! I had them almost every week for lunch (Pluto's has really good ones!) I went to a holiday work party and there was a brussel sprout dish that looked exactly like the photo above. It was so delicious, I could have eaten just that all night. 

Simple Cleansing Wipes
These are great for removing left over make up. It leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean.

Combat Boots
I feel like I wear mine almost everyday. I love boots in general but my combat ones are my go-to. They are versatile and can be worn with so many outfits. 


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  1. Hi Trisha!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, just followed back (and currently am creeping your blog now too, love it!) There's a spot downtown Toronto called Richtree Market that has an open market-feel with stations that will make you pretty much ANY food you want, but I never fail to ALWAYS order the strawberry crepes with chocolate sauce. That photo makes me want to go tonight haha! Also loving the combat boots - I need to find myself a pair of lace-up ones, there's so versatile!

    Your new follower (and friend), MAC

    1. Thank you so much! Crepes are really the best. I love how you can pretty much put anything you want in it and it is so delicious! I'm trying to learn how to make them and it's actually harder than I thought! Mainly just to get a perfect circle without that little tool they use haha I hope we stay in contact and I look forward to your new posts!