Let It Snow

Let It Snow

Let It Snow by leshautecouture featuring a round scarf

One great thing about the winter is snow. Some of you may love it and some of you might hate it. I have been very lucky to live in an area where it does not snow but can drive to the snow in a reasonable amount of time. It's nice to go at least once during the season. It's like going to the beach in the summer, you just have to do it. I usually go snowboarding and/or tubing for a few days but I will admit, it is quite tiring after awhile. I definitely recommend it though, even if you are just going for the thrill, it's an amazing sight and experience.

So if you are headed to the snow this season, make sure you pack ahead. Some essentials are a nice, waterproof jacket, goggles, gloves (tip: get the touch tip ones so you can still use your phone with gloves on!), ear muffs, snow boots, beanie, waterproof snow pants and a scarf! Now you don't have to wear all of this while on the slopes but it will for sure some in handy for the trip. Grab some hand warmers if you can too!

I know for us girls, it's hard to look cute in warm, heavy jackets but when it is 20 degree out, that is going to be the least of your worries! Here are some cute winter inspiration looks that I pulled from Tumblr!

Happy snow days!


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