I am so happy to announce that my blog has hit 20k views! Woo hoo!!! I know that may seem very little compared to some other blogs but I think this is a huge milestone, being as this is just something I do for fun. I know a lot of people out there blog for a living and it's their full time job but this started out as an internship, that of which I am so grateful for the offer. 
I don't do this to show off or pretend I'm some aspiring model. It's not about that at all. It's about me sharing with all of you guys my love for fashion and style and just the industry as a whole. If you follow me enough on here, you would also know that that is not all I post about. I use this as a social and personal blog. It's been a great getaway and an amazing side project.

Thank you to all the followers, supporters, photographers and all the other people who have helped me get this blog to where it is today. I don't know where this road will lead but I'm excited to keep going! Stay tuned for more :)


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